Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warmer Days Ahead

Oh it is so nice to see the weather is getting warmer and sunnier. There has been a weekend where we thought this would be a nice weekend to camp BUT it was Sunday already. Then there have been many awesome weekdays that we wish would have been on weekends. For example this week has been beautiful out and almost 70 but this weekend it suppose to be cold and rainy!! Ughh finally the weather is cooperating but not on the right days.

On the brighter side we are in the process of buying a new house. As long as the sellers fix what needs fixed we should be moving in April. We love the area and finally the kids can ride a bus and we won't have to drive them and pick them up every day. That was #1 on my buying list!! Pj's #1 was land so his travel trailer and boat would still be close and not have to get storage and waste $$$$.

Spring Break for the kiddos is coming! I was excited but the military has other plans for my husband. We did have a Disneyworld trip planned and PAID!! But they didn't approve his leave, so then we thought camping near home would be nice but then they decided to send him to Oklahoma for over half of Spring Break. So, no Disney no camping nothing to be excited about.

Hope everyone's weather is getting better out there!! Looks like all my fellow bloggers are staying busy!!

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  1. We are so ready for camping! Wish it was this weekend for my birhday. We will figure out something fun for Spring Break. Maybe we will all go to OK City. LOL