Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Campers?

Well we did it. We managed to make it though Camper Class, hooked up, pulled out, drove, backed up, hooked up, slept, unhooked, rehooked, backed in and welcomed the camper home. Yes that was a heck of a run on sentence! While Doug at Razorback Campers shared a ton of information with us it all seemed overwhelming. I kept thinking to myself "Is that what you want? Do you want to remember what runs on gas or electric or battery?" It all became clear yes I want to do this. Our camper looked so pretty cleaned and prepped for us. Then it was off to set up the brakes and a test run. Did I mention I hate riding in trucks that are towing anything? We have a boat and I will drive in my car behind PJ even though we fit 8 in the Expedition. I just don't like the feeling. Anyways this time I rode with PJ so obviously I had to ride back with him towing the camper.

So off we go...... No I didn't pass out but was close to it. I just didn't think we could stop quick enough or the trailer would sway everywhere, but it didn't sway and it stopped well when a little red car swerved in front us and braked to make an immediate left turn. So, needless to say we made the 15 minute drive to the local RV park and I was happy to jump out and scream directions loudly. After we got that baby backed up we started set up. RC told us just bring the clothes and groceries and they will have that camper ready to camp. That meant all the hook ups, hoses, chemicals, toilet paper, and even the lighter to light the stove. Well that would be great if we were level but we weren't and we didn't have anything to level it. Oh well we were off by a tiny bit so we dealt. So we hooked up and off to get the kiddos.

The kids loved the camper. They all scattered to pick out beds and cubbies. They think this camper is the best thing on earth. We ate some dinner and went to swim in the river. The kids had a blast. This camp ground didn't have fire pits so we had to make smores on the outside stove attached to the camper. When the bugs were biting we took shelter inside. The kids played in their "room" divided off by a curtain. PJ and I played some cards and watched the Cowboys game. Bed time came but we didn't hook up the sewer so PJ took the boys one last time to the bathroom house. When he opened the door, to our surprise the cops were in front of our camper with some people and a truck. No idea why they were there. We never heard a thing or even saw the lights. So me, being the worry wart that I am couldn't sleep all night long. I was looking out windows, checking doors, and listening for noise in the night. I hope that feeling passes and it was just a fluke the cops were out that night. (NOTE: Didn't help they thought the AZ escapees were on the lose in Arkansas and here we were camping in the National Park) LOL!! Anyways I fell asleep. The AC was nice it would get cold then kinda humid off and on but I guess we need to figure that out.

We didn't get to cook or shower but we are planning a longer trip soon! We went out today and bought some pots, pans, towels,dishes, bowls etc. If you know of any handy tips or advice or things we NEED in our camper please comment!!

WhooWhoo I have a follower!!! Thanks Mike & Gerri!! Let us know if you are ever in Central Arkansas!


  1. I smiled all the way through your post! It brings back so many great memories. You guys did great. Each time you go out it will get easier and easier.
    I am so glad the kids think it is the greatest thing on are starting a great tradition.
    If you need anything please feel free to give a shout.
    The most important thing is to enjoy and have fun...thats what it is all about.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Yay! Y'all did it! What wonderful memories you are making. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every moment with those kiddos. They grow up way too fast...mine are 29 and 25 YIKES!