Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Trip

AWESOME!! That sums up the 3 day weekend we had!! This was our first "real" trip out and we loved every minute. We left Thursday afternoon and set up. It was pretty easy, Pj backed right in and the trailer was perfectly level. We hooked up everything and then sat and stared as we took pride in our accomplishment. LOL. We cooked up some spaghetti for dinner, noodles inside and meat outside to check out both stoves. The kids had school Friday so they were off to bed and watched some TV. We picked up 12 channels out there which was good because we watch Big Brother and Thursday was double eviction. LOL, can't let camping make us miss it. While the kiddos were in school we ran back to town and picked up a list of things we thought about while we were doing different things. We bought light hangers for our awning and some mini ice cube trays and tons of stuff we really didn't need but it looked cool. We didn't want to look out of place out there with everyone else's site all lit up.

We picked up the kiddos from school and stopped by home to pick up the boat to pull back. We had friends coming with their kids and were using the tent pad on our site. All in all it was a great weekend. The weather stayed cool in the evening. We still put the AC on low in the TT though. Saturday morning I wore my sweater. I slept much better this time. Maybe because the cops didn't show up, maybe because the AZ escapees had been caught , or maybe I was dead tired. I have decided not to watch the news while we were out because the town 12 miles from where we were at had a prisoner escape the night before. Not sure why prisoners escape when we decide to camp?????

So we boated, ate, played games and just enjoyed being with friends and family. The TT did great. We emptied the gray and black water for the first time. It wasn't so bad at all. I was expecting alot worse. Not sure about anyone else but our gray tank fills up fast!! We emptied 2 times while we were out there. Also we emptied the black tank until it was done draining but our lights still say theres stuff in it. So I just flushed it and filled it with a bucket of water and some chemical and called it good for now. If the lights don't work how do we tell when it's full? Our bathtub just filled with water when the gray was full but not sure I want to find out what happens when the black is too full. Also our awning was full of water, it didn't rain at all. Does the AC drain or something we aren't aware of? Other then those few things we did alright. I love the outside shower for the kids to get cleaned off.

So thats about our weekend all wrapped up. I could go on and on but that would be lots more to read. But besides the TT adventure, Alex got a tick on his ear (seed tick), Hannah got a leach on her foot, and we hit a sand bag and shredded our prop the 2nd time this summer!! The kids had a blast toobing most of Saturday until a sandbar in the middle of nowhere got us, so the boat is out of order right now and maybe the rest of the season. Anyone wanna buy a boat???? LOL.

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  1. Sounds like a really wonderful camping trip!! I am so glad all things went so well and you all enjoyed the experience. Isn't it great???

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Delete the sand bar, the leach and the tic, that adventure sounds like an absolutely wonderful time! So glad you had a fabulous time!