Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting ready

We have planned another trip with some friends. We are still sticking pretty close to home though. I hope it all works out, this campground is a first come first serve. So if there isn't a space for us we won't be camping.

We have been pretty busy this month. The kids have started their activities, dr. appts, school parent nights and a trip to Oklahoma to see my parents. We are trying to fit in a couple camping weekends while the weather is nice. The rest of the year is booked solid with holidays, baby showers, visiting families, and the AF annual banquet in November.

We have had a few more followers to our blog so, welcome to all of you and thanks for following. I am hoping to get some pics of from the last trip but it will only load one at a time and it takes forever!! If anyone has a trick to that I'd appreciate it!

Have a great week!!

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