Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Camp of Fall

We just got back from camping this weekend. We had a little bit of everything for weather this weekend. We were suppose to be heading to a new campground this time but the camp was a first come first serve and there were no spaces! We called 2 campgrounds in the area and they were full. So we headed to National Park and they had a site we could fit on and our friends who came along with their tent. It started off as humid and muggy, then we got a good 45 minutes of pouring rain which cooled off the day. Saturday was a beautiful sunny cool day and the night got chilly enough for pants and a sweatshirt. This morning we woke up in the high 50's!! Well I brought my electric blanket along so Saturday night we turned off the AC and opened the windows.

The kids had a blast. We had 7 kiddos between the 2 families there. They did scavenger hunts, plays and played in the gorge and caught crawdads. No idea why Alex was prone to accidents but he was smacked in the face with balls, bats and rackets and then fell off the scooter many times! He is a trooper and he would have done so much better if Mommy wasn't running and scooping him up to see if he was ok.

The food was awesome this weekend too. Our friend jamie made up the menu. She cooked up breakfast and deserts and then the guys would "tend" the grill. We had a taco noodle bake, chicken and veggie foil packets and dutch oven peach cobbler. Jamie also cooked cinnamon french toast that looked really yummy and Pj made some hash browns. I had to pass on breakfast because I woke up not feeling so well.

The kids also did a hike with our friends. Pj and I had to go to a meeting Saturday morning so our friends that were camping with us were brave people and took 6 kids ages 5-13 hiking. The kids found special rocks and took some cute pics on their hike.

Our first time to trip the breaker happened right in the middle of cooking breakfast. We finally figured out what happened when Pj and I came back from the meeting. I was fuming mad and was ready to give the camper back for a 5 minute frame. We also have a nasty smell coming from the toilet. We dumped and redid chemicals and it helped a bit but still has a smell, so any advice on that would be helpful if you have some.

All in all it was a good trip. Next trip will be in October!! Enjoy Fall!!!

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